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Welcome to K Fencing Club

Confidence, Strategic Thinking, Focus, Discipline

Get to Know Us

We are a small team of people who are dedicated to grow and promote Sabre fencing in Australia. We are driven to create a positive, friendly and respected environment that inspires people to enjoy fencing and fulfils sporting potential.


Why fencing?

Fencing is for everyone

Build Confidence

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Fencing is wonderful for confidence boosting. Sabre fencing is one of the fastest sports which means there is no time for second-guessing yourself. Fencing requires quick decision-making based on your opponent. At K Fencing Club, we support fencers who exhibit the perception of confidence by standing straight and tall.

Increase energy levels

Fencing involves intense footwork to keep distance from the opponent. Fencing also requires an explosive start and stop, where periods of high-intensity activities are repeated with short recovery time. Hence, fencing is perfect for building strength, endurance and stamina.

Strategic thinking

Fencing is often referred to as physical chess due to the logic and strategic tactics behind the movements. It enhances analytical and strategic capabilities as well as independent thinking. Fencers need to learn to focus, be intuitive and present on a fencing strip to score a point. This is a valuable skill that can help people academically, socially and in the workplace.

Let's Fence


Alicia, Adult Fencer

“K Fencing Club has such a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Coaches are so attentive and positive when coaching and is always looking to help fencers wherever possible!"

Ivy, Parent

"Great community, enthusiastic coaches, well-strucured programs, intense workout for kids. My 6 years old boy has been enjoying this unique sport and it  became his top faviourite sport now."

Samuel, Parent & Adult Fencer

“A great Sabre Fencing Club with the Coach also being ranked #1 in Australia for a few years running. Great at coaching kids and foster a love for the sport. Highly recommended”
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